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The CSA Solution was born in 2002. The first rendition of CSA was very primitive and ran solely on a single computer, providing the point of sale functionality. Teresa Cardin, the developer, was a member of the administrative team for a brand new consignment sale, a ministry of Hillside United Methodist Church in Woodstock, GA. The program underwent many changes over the next two years and word spread about how easy it was to use. The system grew to incorporate all the world wide web had to offer and underwent a major overhaul in order to be marketed to other sales as a means to help them automate the cumbersome tasks involved in sale administration.

Teresa considers this a ministry of her own. Her background as a Systems Analyst in corporate america for 17 years only amplifies her love of developing new tools that help others use technology in new and exciting ways. She is so blessed to be able to utilize her god given talents in ways that she is so passionate about. She has recently stepped away from corporate america to be at home for her 4 children and devote more time to increasing the functionality and marketability of CSA.

It is our hope that CSA and the Cardin family will be partners with you and your administrative team as you prosper and grow.