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CSA Solutions - A Service of Cardin Consulting
The CSA Complete solution is comprised of two services: Equipment and Software.

The Software Services include two modules: POS and ONLINE. The POS module is used onsite at your event during the actually event itself. It provides a very friendly sales/inventory and reports interface to do all the functions that would be required during and after the sale. The ONLINE module of the software closely integrates and interfaces with the POS module. It will provide the functionality necessary for pre-sale activity. This includes registration, address book maintenance, seller inventory entry and online tag printing. The Software Services are payable PER SALE.

The Equipment Services include all technology needed for POS (sale execution). This is what makes the CSA Complete solution unique. Quality Laptops, all peripherals, scanner and printer (with ink) are included in the service. The fees are PER REGISTER per sale. You can have any number of registers.

The chart below will show the advantages of moving towards an automated sale solution and incorporating CSA Complete Software and Equipment Services.
Current Processes CSA Software and Equipment Svcs
Antiquated calculator system is difficult and time-consuming for volunteers. Also someone has to maintain and store this equipment. Part of the rental price per register includes all the equipment you need, guaranteed to be in superior working order. This includes:
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Mouse
  • Keypad 
  • Router/Hub to connect the computers
  • Someone has to maintain a database of names for mailing list. The list is certainly changing constantly and only one person can "own" the list, making it hard to coordinate with a team of people that all require access. Access to your database, registration lists, inventory, address book, etc will be available via the website anytime from anywhere. Anyone with Admin privileges will be able to navigate and manage the information.
    The registration process is manual and requires someone to manage the process through emails and phone calls. The ONLINE module allows sellers to register on the web, allowing them to choose drop off times and volunteer times.
    Tags from the sellers are not always uniform. Numbers may be random and limits to number of items not easy to enforce. Handwriting is varied and sometimes not completely legible. The ONLINE module gives the seller an interface to enter their inventory information through the website at their convenience and then PRINT their own tags (or this option can be limited to allow Sale Admins to print the tags). This ensures uniformity and consistency. The tags will have a unique barcode on them that is used during the sale and allows for automated cash register processing, allowing the volunteers to concentrate on customer service.
    Tags have to be removed from the items sold and reconciled after the sale. Loss of tags can be a problem, along with inaccurate prices or common mistakes being made by the volunteers who are checking out customers. This is probably one of the biggest time consumers of all. The POS module has scanners that will read the barcode that is printed, WITHOUT having to remove the tags. Tags can be printed on preformatted labels, or just on regular paper/card stock and attached with tape.
    Reconciliation of the sellers' tags is tedious. Careful attention must be paid to ensure no tags are lost after they are taken off the items. A filing system is kept and errors can occur in filing. Tags are damaged, sometimes covered in tape, all making the process harder and less accurate. With a couple clicks you can summarize all the items sold for each seller, generate a report showing how much the sellers are due and be done. Everything can done on the spot, allowing the sale to truly close out on the same day. This is the most effective, accurate and efficient way to reconcile a sale.
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